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Superman/Batman #27

Posted: Monday, June 26, 2006
By: Kevin T. Brown

“Never Mind”

Writer: Mark Verheiden
Artist: Kevin Maguire

Publisher: DC Comics

This was a fun book. Mark Verheiden gives the reader a treat with this issue by allowing us a chance to revisit Earth-2 (perhaps for the last time?), and he produces a story that is goofy, fun, sweet, and bittersweet. I can only hope that this is indicative of how he is going to handle this title from this point on, even if it's not based on Earth-2.

I should point out that every mention of these heroes in this review are not of the current incarnations, but rather how they were on Earth-2 (i.e. Bruce Wayne is the police commissioner of Gotham and Huntress is Helena Wayne).

Verheiden falls back on the familiar plot of switching the heroes “brains.” In this case it's Superman with Power Girl and Batman with Huntress. The little twist he throws in there is what makes this issue really work. If it were just the two heroes battling to regain their true bodies, what fun would that be? It also allows the reader to get more into who these characters were pre-Crisis. (Can I say now how much I miss Earth-2?)

Verheiden doesn't miss a beat though. He dives on in as if there hasn't been a 20+ years break since we last read a new story featuring Earth-2. He writes it as if this is the norm and everyone knows which character is which. He provides the reader with plenty of information as to the back-stories without it being clunky or distracting. The story just flows nicely, even to the point of seeing a bunch of gorillas attacking Power Girl & Huntress. Yeah, it may be goofy, eyes-rolling fun, but it is FUN. And when was the last time you can say that comics were actually fun? And it's a kick seeing the Ultra-Humanite once again, as well as an appearance of Solomon Grundy and Brainwave.

Joining Verheiden on this little romp through Earth-2 is Kevin Maguire. Okay, now think about this a moment. Maguire. Power Girl. Huntress. Does any more really need to be said? Well, yes actually, more does need to be said, because it's just a beautifully drawn story. Cheesecake potential aside, every page shows you why Maguire needs to be assigned more interior work. He definitely draws an excellent and, yes, fun story.

The only minor complaint I have is how the issue ends with the revelation that this is one of Power Girl's dreams. I'm also not overly fond of that last page, but it fits with what DC is doing with Power Girl in current issues of Supergirl. However, it's does not take away from the previous 21 pages.

Overall, and I cannot emphasize it enough I suppose, this is just a fun book. It's also a great starting point for people to jump on to this title. Verheiden appears to be the right choice to take over, and I'm really looking forward to what he has planned. And, if new regular artist Ethan Van Sciver needs a break, Kevin Maguire is the perfect choice to fill-in or as an alternating artist. Did I mention how much fun this story was yet?

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