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Family Guy: 100 Ways to Kill Lois by Stewie Griffin

Posted: Thursday, June 29, 2006
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Matt Fleckenstein
Aritsts: Ben Philips & Rich Koslowski (p), Clayton Brown, & Robert Grabe (i)

Publisher: Devilís Due

The title is very misleading. Stewieís list of 100 ways to kill Lois only takes up 11 of the bookís 44 story pages. And 2 of them are just a list of Stewieís favorite murder methods. Cop-out. The majority of the book is a story about Peter adopting a homeless man, then giving him the house. Yes, it is a plot from The Simpsons. No, itís not worth the $6.95.

This comic is just like an episode of the Family Guy. Not that thatís a bad thing; itís the least to expect from a TV-based comic. And Family Guyís style of comedy works well for a comic. When the plot veers off to a pop-culture reference or random scene, it takes up only 1 or 2 panels. I think it works better than on TV. Fleckenstein has got the rhythm and unique voices of the series. This could easily be the storyboard for a new episode.

And thatís part of the problem. Itís no different than any episode of Family Guy. I expected the comic to do something more original, something that could only be done in a comic and not on TV. Maybe short stories revolving around Stewieís attempts to kill Lois. It would have helped if the entire comic related to the title! Besides, something you pay for shouldnít feel like something you get for free.

The Family Guy comic book is as funny as an average episode of the series. And it captures the style and pacing well. But I think the writer should have been more daring and original with the premise. Iím hoping the next issue, ďPeter Griffinís Guide to Parenting,Ē will have stories revolving around Peterís (lack of) fathering skills.

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