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52 #8

Posted: Friday, June 30, 2006
By: John Hays

Writers: Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid
Artists: Keith Giffen (breakdowns); Eddy Barrows (p), Rob Stull (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

The Plot Tease: Natasha continues to have issues with John Henry, and each makes new discoveries. Green Arrow shows his own warped sense of justice to Ralph, while helping him search the latest hideout for the Conner cult. A new hero makes his mysterious debut, much to the chagrin of a Booster Gold who is no longer the golden boy of the city. Our heroes who are stranded on a distant planet are captured by the giant seen last issue, and Donna Troy continues to enjoy the Wonderful World of Disney…I mean, the history of the DCU.

The Heroes: John Henry Irons: I like the idea of John being able to manipulate his tissue into steel. Sure it’s been done before, but it’s still a cool idea. Plus, the thought that he might have to fight Luthor’s control reminds me of the old Gangbuster days when that armor was controlled by Luthor at times. The situation with Natasha will keep John busy as well, even though all he had to do was take two seconds to tell her that his powers weren’t acquired with his knowledge, and he could have saved all the drama to come.

Supernova: Ooh, mysterious! In fact, they haven’t even revealed his Supernova ID yet, but we all know who it is from solicits. I’m looking forward to finding out more about this guy.

Eddy Barrows: The art was good in this issue. In fact, it’s been fairly consistent throughout the series so far, and that’s a huge plus in my book. I particularly liked the coloring of John’s steel. My only complaint would have to be how Clark’s hair looked more like Black Adam’s, a little too slick for Clark.

J.G. Jones: The guy is putting out consistently awesome covers! This week’s is no exception.

The Villains: Green Arrow: I don’t care how much the guy’s hiking up prices; you don’t take down a store owner to let a looter get away. That’s just wrong. Ollie’s got a LONG way to go from this behavior to eventually becoming mayor. By the way, what’s up with Ralph’s face? One week he’s clean shaven, the next he has a goatee, the next he’s clean shaven again? Also, since when does the appearance of a transporter tube instill surprise in Ralph?

Animal Man: I love ya Buddy, but you just led Adam Strange into a trap…what are you going to do now?

Lex Luthor: Man, this guy continues to creep me out. That last page where he has Natasha hooked up to that machine…I was really feeling sorry for Natasha and really hating Luthor for what he was about to do.

The Resolution: Will John Henry Irons establish control over his new powers, or will Luthor have his own Iron Man??

Will Ollie regain his senses and stop helping criminals??

Will we find out more about the mysterious Supernova, or is his existence simply an excuse to show women in Wonder Woman bikinis??

Will Ralph think to actually check in on Wonder Girl’s friends and relatives in an effort to find her, since she’s supposedly a member of the Conner cult??

Will we see the return of The Question, or has Montoya bored him to death??

Will Buddy Baker help our stranded heroes escape, or will Starfire continue to distract him with her seduction techniques??

Will the history of the DCU finally pick up speed next week and show us something new??

We can only hope that these and other questions will be addressed in the upcoming installments of…52!!

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