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Tales of the Champions #4

Posted: Saturday, July 1, 2006
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Wilson Hill
Artists: Dick Giordano

It's really an example of Dick Giordano's consummate professionalism that allows a comic book that looks so rushed to never the less effortlessly relate a story. Every panel's set up is flawless. The characters sadly are not. Thanks though to Giordano, you don't have to read the words to Tales of the Champions to understand the story. The panels flow.

Giordano does not provide his best work for Tigress' reintroduction. Perhaps, he acted as a replacement artist when another could not meet the deadline. For whatever reason, he doesn't carry his usual amount of detail to the book. Characters look sketchy. The cast of light and shadow is almost perfunctory. Some of the scale is off, and supposedly young characters appear much to be much older.

I'm speaking as a fan of Dick Giordano's work. Modesty Blaise this is not. However, for any other artist this wouldn't be a bad issue.

The story by Wilson Hill is pretty good for what it is. Tigress basically picks off the villains one by one and frees the hostages. Hill injects some originality in the plot by including some inspired dialogue and directing a scene involving a kitty cat.

Giant stars in the back up story. The tale and its art are solidly okay though a bit on the seamy side. Though it's not exactly like their breaking new ground. Valkyrie I believe was a decade older than Airboy, and nobody seemed to mind she pursuing him.

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