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Wolverine #43

Posted: Tuesday, July 4, 2006
By: Martijn Form

Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Artist: Humberto Ramos

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Plot: Civil war Tie-in: Wolverine goes after Nitro, the man responsible for the Stamford massacre: Part Two.

Comments: Civil War, the large crossover story from Marvel is well underway. While other heroes try to make up their mind which side to take, Wolverine is on a quest of his own. He wants to capture Nitro, who caused the Stamford massacre by blowing up more than 60 children. He follows the trail of Nitro and interrogates some low lives who arenít persuaded by words. And interrogating Wolverine style is beating the snot out of them..., which is pretty effective. Batman would have done the same if the story had been written by Frank Miller. Some guys are not meant to talk with, but in the "real world" there are rules for interrogating people. The Geneva Convention even extends human rights to low lives, right? You just canít beat every body up just to get your information. But Wolverine is doing just that. And maybe this is just what the super hero registration is all about. Is beating somebody to a pulp justified if it gets you the information you need? What I make of the super hero registration is that the government lacks the faith in super heroes. Mostly super heroes act on their own and have no one to answer to. They do their actions in the name of doing good, but how far can you go as a super hero before crossing the line?

Spider-man isnít someone who crosses the line, but he still supports the registration bill. Maybe Peter Parker looks up too much to Tony Stark. All those years he acted alone and did pretty well. Now Spider-Man is a New Avenger and must become a team player, something he isnít used to. He feels way too much obligated to Tony Stark, which is definitely clouding his judgement. Wolverine, on the other hand, is a rogue. Even though he is a member of several super hero teams, he's on his own, because he doesn't fully trust anyone, but nobody is that strong enough for not making up his own mind.

Wolverine sometimes is regarded as a character of all muscles and no brains, as a character who relies solely on animal instincts. But this portrayal is wrong. Anybody who can make his own conclusions and follow them up is special. There are too many people (and even heroes) whose minds are clouded by false promises or wrong judgements.

Wolverine is closing in on Nitro, when Iron Man shows up. He has a strike team ready to get Nitro. Tony Stark is a decent man, an intelligent man, but working for S.H.I.E.L.D. isnít going to win him any popularity contest.

Wolverine has no other option than to go along with Iron Manís plan, which isnít very good. A full force strike team will arrest Nitro. But Nitro is a villain you have to take by surprise because he can still do the same thing as he did in Stamford. But here the plot thickens. Somebody inside the administration has been looking out for Nitro. The story just feels like the TV show 24, which is an excellent show conspiracy wise. So was Stamford a freak accident or has it been plotted? We will find out in the near future, I hope.

The dialogue between Iron Man and Wolverine is excellent. They have great respect for each other, but they have different views on how to bring Nitro down, to say the least. Tony wins this round, but Wolverine smells that this operation is going down as a complete failure. The pages that follow are beautifully done by Humberto Ramos and colors by Edgar Delgado. First we see some pretty played out forest panels with the cabin in the woods. The complete fire massacre after that makes you feel that you are in the fire yourself. Excellent colors and shades in this scene.

The plot of the story gets even more interesting when a mysterious mutant is recruited by some people who could be CIA or some sort. The story ends with a great cliffhanger, which make you want to read issue #44 right away. But we have to be patient for some weeks. Thatís the only downside of Marc Guggenheimís story. You have to wait some weeks for the next issue.

Final Word: One of the strongest Civil War titles and a great Wolverine story. Buy it.

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