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Last Planet Standing #5

Posted: Saturday, July 8, 2006
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Tom DeFalco & Pat Oliffe
Artists: Pat Oliffe, Scott Koblish (finished art), Avalon's Bob Ro(c)
Publisher: Marvel

The final issue of Last Planet Standing demonstrates plot surprises and fun characterization walking hand in hand toward a fitting and uplifting conclusion. Galactus believes he has found a loophole in his never-ending hunger clause. This loophole involves the star Thor created in honor of Captain America's death in Last Hero Standing.

The loophole Galactus believes to have uncovered causes much death and destruction for the universe. Galactus finally came to earth, but forewarned the heroes of the MC2 cosmos already prepared themselves for his arrival.

One of the preparations involved Reed Richards of the Fantastic Five summoning the Silver Surfer. The Surfer at his toughest proceeded to hand brow-nosing herald Dominus his buttocks. This was most satisfying.

The least powerful of the Avengers this issue becomes some of the most important players in Tom DeFalco's and Pat Oliffe's unpredictable story. The authors also do not disregard the Surfer. In fact he becomes a point man in the story's climax.

Frankly, I was stunned that DeFalco and Oliffe found a way out of the corner in which they seemed to have written themselves. They built up a good case that Galactus was unstoppable. They showed him cutting a swathe through Asgard, and that's definitely not an easy task. They threw tidal waves at the heroes and blew up the Vision, yet DeFalco and Oliffe find a plausible way out of this cosmic destruction.

There's a good argument that the ending was always meant to be and that Galactus in his mistaken quest to free himself from his gaping maw was in fact destined to fail with the result being what is seen. It adds a nice spin without preaching to the reader.

In short, Last Planet Standing is a good follow up to Last Hero Standing, but it also can be read without previous knowledge of the other mini-series. DeFalco and Oliffe show the Marvel heroes at their best in a story that's cleverer than one expects.

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