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52 #10

Posted: Friday, July 14, 2006
By: John Hays

Writers: Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid
Artists: Keith Giffen (breakdowns), Chris Batista (p), Jimmy Palmiotti & Jack Jadson (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

The Plot Tease: Black Adam rallies his compatriots, only to be given the riot act from a possible love interest. Clark Kent pulls a Lois to get the story his career depends on. Booster isÖ.well, Booster. Two men of great intelligence ponder the goings on around them, and we are once again treated, or subjected, to the history of the DCU.

The Heroes: Black Adam: Heís got a cape now. Heís got the ears. Heís got the attitude, and, if Iím not mistaken, heís about to get a new love interest who will become the new Isis.

Clark Kent: Heís lived the majority of his life not fearing regular injuries, yet now when heís completely helpless, he continues to live with no fear. I just knew from the first moment I saw this cover that Clark was pulling a Lois to get the story. It was just too perfect. Clark shows time and time again in this issue that he has no problem getting burned, cut, etcÖ and that he will just keep soldiering on.

Supernova: The guy looks cool, he saves kids, and he keeps his wits about him. Whatís not to like? Many are guessing as to the identity of Supernova. Is it Mon-el, Conner, the Ray, Lightray? Iím going to go out on a limb and suggest (perhaps hope is a better term) that it might be OUR Booster Gold. You know, the one that came out of Identity Crisis as a serious, focused hero that was distraught over the death of Ted Kord? The one Iím still hoping is around somewhere, and right now Iíll put that hope in Supernova, and also hope that he mops the floor with this boorish Booster Gold being forced on us now.

Professor Morrow: I never thought Iíd be putting someone like Morrow in my hero category, but the way heís being written is really gripping. I canít wait to see how this particular story develops. There are so many literary references in this scene. Morrow is stacking Brave New World on top of 1984, two books about government controlled societies of the future. We then get a quick shot of Frankenstein, a book Iím sure Morrow always keeps near him. The more subtle reference is the fact that heís collecting his nearest and dearest books to him as he says what seems like a farewell to his best friend. Sound familiar? If so, then you probably know the story of The Time Machine, a VERY fitting reference given the things Booster saw in Rip Hunterís lab a few issues back. Coincidence? Not likely.

J.G. Jones: Particularly great cover this week. Thereís a lot of depth on that page.

The Villains: Perry White: Wow, is it just me, or are the writers really making Perry a jerk lately? I know heís always after the story, but come onÖmix some sugar in with that salt! Drop some encouragement once in a while! No wonder your reporters are jumping out of windows! One cool thing to notice is the reference to the Daily Star, the formerly Earth 2 version of the Daily Planet.

Booster Gold: Heís still flatter than a pancake in characterization.

Harbingerís Orb: Not only does the thing now speak in the familiar, (just Sue instead of Sue Dibny), but itís just plain wrong! Wonder Woman DIDNíT kill Max Lord for his crimes. She killed him because he had mental control over Superman, and that control would never cease until his death. Thereís a big difference in motivation there. I also donít understand why this history keeps focusing on Earth 2 Superman as the catalyst for the coming Crisis, when it was Alex Luthorís manipulations of Earth Prime Superboy that was the driving force.

Thatís all for villains this week. This issue was much stronger than the previous few issues.

The Resolution: With Black Adam unable to transform, are his other abilities impaired??

Will Perry get a grip, relax, and let Clark do his job, or will he find himself on a one way trip to the emergency room after having a stress-induced heart attack??

Who is Supernova??

Where is Professor Morrow running off to, or should I say when? Will he see any Morlocks??

Is Mr. Mind a pretty butterfly now, or something altogether much more sinister??

Will we ever find out anything of interest from the history of the DCU??

We can only hope that these and other questions will be addressed in the upcoming installments ofÖ52!!

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