The Boys #57

A comic review article by: Shawn Hill
That cover speaks a thousand words. Not all of them apply to this issue, but it's more a hint of things to come. Queen Maeve is up to something, we just don't know what yet. She's removed all the bugs from the Seven's headquarters, the ones that give the Boys such useful intel. It's not likely that she's had a change of heart about betraying her teammates (since they've been betraying her since day one); I'm guessing she's planning to go out in a big, fiery way sometime soon.

Inside, the story is mostly about Hughie, as always. He and Annie work on their relationship some more; for all the great looming sense of doom facing these two young besotted fools, theirs is the most mature relationship by far of any we've seen. And they're definitely better together than apart. Hughie gives Annie a reason to fight - she hasn't had one before, except for self-protection, and not wearing a G-string in public, she won that one - and she forces him to confront his presumptions and tendencies towards passive reaction. Braun and Avina make their sequence intimate, with parallel body language despite their spatial distance (Hughie has taken to sleeping on the floor), and pale gray and blue shadows in their currently chaste bedroom.

Hughie also manages to disappoint the Frenchman and the Female, though he does a little better by Mother's Milk (who is, of course, the sanest of the three). Hughie also finds out much more about Maeve, accidentally, than he ever wanted to know. This is a pretty quiet issue, all about everybody figuring out just a little more, and getting the team reunited before the next big slam-bang. Oh, there's some ostensible mystery about Jack from Jupiter's Sex life, but absolutely no one is prepared to take that seriously.

Let's get back to that cover, though. Maeve's story is getting more tragic by the issue. She seems to have also served as a sort of brood mare to the supes over the decades. So how many children has she had? And what became of this one, so very displeasing to Stormfront? I almost don't want to know, but it's much too late for me to look away.

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