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New Avengers #21

Posted: Monday, July 17, 2006
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Brian Bendis
Artist: Howard Chaykin

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Itís Captain America drawn by the creator of American Flagg and Power & Glory!

Iím disappointed. Chayin seemed to have drawn this in a rush. Some characters look awkward and lumpy; especially the panel with the New Avengers. There are also panels that lie on top of each other cluttering the page and obscuring action. And itís not clear exactly what Cap sees that convinces him Spider-Man has joined Tony Stark. Are they shaking hands? Signing papers? A little clarity is needed.

Fortunately, we get some clarity in the writing. After two months, we finally get a clear explanation as to why Captain America opposes the superhuman registration act. He no longer trusts the government to represent the people. Superheroes need to be free of politics and personal agendas to save lives and protect freedoms. Now heís angry about being a fugitive in his own country. Heís angry at the people whoíll trade freedom for security. Captain America is fighting America, and he knows how terrible that is.

If anyone else had drawn this issue, and done a decent job, I might have graded this issue . But Chaykinís one of the best; Heís set a high standard for his work. And heís too good to make simple mistakes like cluttered panels and cockeyed characters. Nevertheless, this is a vital issue in the Civil War crossover. It gives a disturbing but necessary insight into the mind of comicís greatest patriot forced to fight the country he loves.

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