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X Isle #2

Posted: Tuesday, August 29, 2006
By: Judson Miers

Writers: Andrew Cosby, Michael A. Nelson
Artist: Greg Scott

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Have you ever wondered if there’s a big mailing list with all of the ideas in the world of comics/sci-fi/horror/etc.? With the success of such TV shows as Survivor and Lost, there’s bound to be a lot of other “me-too” projects in the works. This seems too much like a “me-too” project for my liking.

At first, I didn’t like the visuals because they are kinda “vague.” It’s a little hard to explain, but the lines weren’t crisp and sharp, and the colors were a little outside the lines. But the second time I read the issue, I allowed myself to get a little more into the story and saw that the “vagueness” of the artwork actually helped to reveal a surreal type of environment where sweat is dripping in your eyes and you’re seeing things that just can’t possibly be happening, sort of like the B&W horror films where you just couldn’t quite make out the “creature,” but it was still scary.

The dialogue was realistic and believable. There were enough personalities that it takes a good writer to make each individual have his or her own individual and distinctive voice. When I allowed myself to get into the story, I discovered it's a pretty creepy one that can go in a lot of different directions if handled correctly.

I do have two criticisms, though:

First, a point is made about how dangerous or stupid a man is to rescue guns from a sinking boat. This may just be me, but I would be afraid of the person who did not get their guns off of a sinking boat when trapped on an island. It’s just common sense to have them as a necessary piece of survival gear. I mean, how are you going to hunt and protect yourself from who knows what?

Second, how’s about having a little recap for those of us just picking up the book so we can kinda keep up with the storyline and major plot developments?

So, why the rating? While the criticisms may seem rather small, and they are, they kept me from enjoying this issue to its fullest. There just weren’t any “hooks” to keep me interested enough to read the first issue or the next issues.

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