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G.I. Joe vs. Transformers: The Art of War #3

Posted: Tuesday, September 5, 2006
By: John Hays

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artists: Joe Ng & James Raiz

Publisher: Devil's Due Publishing

The story starts with a little boy playing soldiers vs. robots, what one would THINK this miniseries is about, but itís not. Instead, Transformer and Joe are teamed to fight against an android imbued with the essence of Megatron whose intention is to bring the Decepticons back to their former glory on Cybertron. This issue takes the action to Cybertron, much to our heroesí eventual dismay.

The writing in this issue seems a bit off at times. For instance, at one point a cocky scientist calls his assistant a moron, only to then receive a thank you from the Joe on the scene. However, the Joe then gets irritated with the scientistís tone regarding the Serpentor android and proceeds to knock his lights out. This scene seems a bit disjointed to me. We then must read a detailed description of exactly what Serpentor is, which by this point seems rather irrelevant to the plot, since all we need to know is that heís basically controlled by Megatron. The only hopeful note before moving on to Cybertron is that the miniseries might actually balance back in the G.I. Joe favor a bit, with the announcement that all active Joes have been called in to backup the main unit.

Iím surprised to see any type of dirt on Cybertron, since I thought it was all metal. Iíve also never heard of Cannibalizers, although I make no claim to keep up with every generation of Transformer. Are these Cannibalizers actual Transformers or something else? I ask because theyíre speech had no red, green, or purple highlight around it as the rest of the Transformers' speech did. Another question I have is whether or not this story takes place in any type of Transformers or G. I. Joe continuity, since the possible death of Bumblebee would be a pretty major event, and Scarlettís interaction with Snake Eyes seems rather odd for a couple of people who have been together for so long in their own comic series.

It was interesting seeing Optimus Prime paired with Hot Rod, since Hot Rod took over for Prime when he was destroyed years ago. Iím not sure if that event has taken place in this continuity, but it would be interesting to touch on as a topic of conversation between the two if so.

Overall, this issue seemed like it wanted to hit a lot of markers, like Snake Eyes being with Scarlett, Optimus talking with Hot Rod, and Serpentor rallying the troops, but I just donít see a real depth to the underlying plot, and Iím so far disappointed by this miniseries as a whole. I hope things get better soon, or else this might end up being the last pairing of these franchises for a while.

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