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A単ertua #3

Posted: Friday, September 8, 2006
By: Kevin Noel Olson

Writer/Artist/Creator/Publisher: Debi Hammack

16 Pages/Color Cover/B&W Interior
$2.50 per copy plus shipping

It looks like our long-tailed friend Cel has let his mouth get ahead of him again in the beginning of A単ertua #3. The first panel has a human holding a gun to Cel痴 head. Of course, it doesn稚 take the hot-head long to escape injury, at least until he runs into his fairy friend Dom池a who punches him in the nose, purportedly by accident. The two unlikely remaining heroes of the Uprising against the humans plot to rescue their friends from the enemy. Can they do it, or will they become the latest captives of the brutal humans?

With a plethora of necessary characters moving throughout the book, Debi manages to have each of them grow and come into their own with an amazing juggling-act of intriguing personalities and a continually engaging plotline. A単ertua is a story where humans invade a planet full of strange and magical creatures. In issue #3, the creatures remain prisoners of the humans, who seem all but ignorant to the plight of the indigenous population. The prisoners, although defiant, have much of the fight taken out of them. Caged and beaten physically as much as emotionally, they despair at ever recovering their loss.

A単ertua is Debi痴 debut series. With unusual confidence, she has gone forward to write, edit, and publish an excellent book all by her lonesome. Her artwork is fantastic, and A単ertua is an unexpected surprise. I知 quite certain we値l be seeing more from Debi in the future-including the upcoming Eerey Tocsin in the Cryptoid Zoo ( by the reviewer (apologies for the shameless plug). Debi痴 dedication and that will make her a force to be reckoned with in the future.

A pleasure for fans of sci-fi and fantasy alike, A単ertua offers a broad range of appeal supported by a solid foundation of excellent artwork and storytelling ability. Not quite like anything I致e ever seen, A単ertua is an entirely worthwhile read. Debi makes the best possible use out of each page.

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