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Zein #4

Posted: Saturday, September 9, 2006
By: Ray Tate

"Tear of the Beast"

Writer: Narwan El-Nashar; Todd Vicino(scripts)
Artists: Raphael Kras(p), Raphael Albuquerque(i), Weberson Santiago(c)
Publisher: AK Comics

In this issue of Zein we learn the immortal hero operated in multiple periods of history. This of course makes sense and gives Zein more resonance. It also opens the question of whether or not the people he protects believes him to be immortal like the Phantom purports to be or a legacy character like the Phantom actually is.

The artwork by Raphaels Kras and Albuquerque nicely compliment the period settings with sturdy interpretations of human anatomy and scale. Their cinematography for the stage directions of El-Nashar and Vicino demonstrates a moody atmosphere perfect for the horror elements of the story and gives way to the super-hero action. Their variant costume design for Zein also fits the period and lends verisimilitude to the setting.

Dialogue and personal narration by Zein inject life into what is essentially a very old dog. The new trick comes by way The X-Files, but there are enough elements outside of the plotting to give the traditional story a little more spark.

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