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Zein #5

Posted: Saturday, October 7, 2006
By: Ray Tate

"Judgement Day"

Writer: Marwan El-Nashir
Artists: Rafael Kras, Anne Hertzog(c)
Publisher: AK Comics

Anybody familiar with Egyptian mythology will see the conclusion to Zein miles away. However, Marwan El-Nashir makes this story inventive and intriguingly different from the Doctor Who episode "Pyramids of Mars," which also employed Egyptian mythology by way of Eric von Daniken alien culture.

Zein takes a more bare bones approach. While there is a being trapped behind a barrier, that being is no alien but a bona fide god from the pantheon of Egypt. Either that or we must employ Clarke's Law. In any case, while technology is present, the deity in Zein acts as a god, and these actions will play a part in the final act, which also gives the new reader a crash course in Zein's history as well as the history of the universe in which he lives.

Before we get there, Zein in the guise of Dr. Amgad, a criminal behaviorist, must deal with one of the inmates possessed by the god. Such executions require actions and valor, and Rafael Kras, with Anne Hertzog's natural and supernatural colors, ably provides. As Zein, he meets the possessed again, but this time the consequences prove to be grave and unexpected.

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