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Marvel Adventures: Avengers #6

Posted: Saturday, October 21, 2006
By: Ray Tate

"The U-Foes"

Writer: Tony Bedard
Artists: Shannon Gallant(p), John Stanisci(i), Gotham Studios(c)
Publisher: Marvel

For the most part Tony Bedard for the plot of Marvel Adventures: Avengers doesn't change the origin of perpetual loser villains the U-Foes. The loony scientist Utrecht takes his team up into space specifically to be exposed by cosmic rays. Their goal is to gain wealth and ultimate power.

Bruce Banner with his altruistic desires to bring Utrecht's team down safely unwittingly alters Utrecht's scheme. The cosmic rays do give the screwballs power, but apparently it's just not enough. To show off some of this power, they smack Banner into the air. Big mistake, because Dr. Banner was "belted by gamma-rays." Worse for the U-Foes, Banner in this continuity is a member in good standing of the Avengers.

Though the changes are slight, their impact is enormous. Bedard gives the whole story sly dialogue that befits the Avengers' characterization. It's nice also to see them pal around and banter. Wolverine teases Spidey about his mask, and Spidey and Iron Man play video games to pass the time. Giant Girl proves to be the most valuable player for this issue, and if it wasn't for the mention of "anti-gamma rays" I might have given the book a perfect score.

Shannon Gallant and John Stanisci are no Manuel Garcia and Scott Koblish, but they provide decent artwork, which professionally relates the visual component of the story. They offer a good handling of the characters, and they make the timing for Giant Girl's entrance perfect for the gag.

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