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52 #25

Posted: Friday, October 27, 2006
By: John Hays

Writers: Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid
Artists: Keith Giffen (breakdowns); Joe Bennett, Dale Eaglesham, Phil Jimenez, Patrick Olliffe

Publisher: DC Comics

The Plot Tease: Bruno Mannheim gets a hankering for some crime boss barbecue. The secretís in the sauce! A beefed up Sabbac gets a taste of the new Black Marvel Family. Dr. Fateís helmet is Ralphís damned guide as Ralph runs into an old acquaintance. Infinity Inc. unveils a new member as Alan Scott and Michael Holt discuss games of skill, and T.O. Morrow makes a new discovery about Will Magnus while Bruno Mannheim turns his tastes to eggs.

The Heroes: J.G. Jones: One of the best covers yet! This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

Ralph: Poor guy, heís been in Hell for what, days, weeks, and Fateís helmet expects him to show the slightest interest in random damned people? The guyís searching for his wife! Whatís he doing here, anyway? I guess weíll find out next week.

Infinity Inc.: Well, despite the fact that we pretty much know theyíre going to end badly, theyíre working better as a team this week, even with a new member to replace the one who died. Yeah, thatís right, the one who DIED. Hello? Are you kids paying attention? Itís only a matter of time before Lex tires of another one of you! These guys didnít learn a thing from the first death, did they? This must be the same group of kids that went BACK into the water in Jaws 2. I didnít really like how easily they were able to put away the talented team of Icicle and Tigress.

Alan and Michael: I almost put this pair in the villains category since I didnít even recognize Alan until he started talking to Michael. Heís drawn so YOUNG here. However, what saved it for me was the ultra cute moment of Michael creating those ghosts for the kids to chase. Of course, my thoughts remained on ďhow did he do that??Ē throughout most of the Checkmate conversation, since we already KNOW his decision there.

T.O. Morrow: I canít help but like the guy. He wants Magnus to let loose, as most readers do at this point. Enough with the uptite Magnus, already! Make some crazy stuff!!

The Villains: Bruno Mannheim: How appropriate that itís Halloween, since DCís done such an excellent job cranking this particular baddie up several notches on the evil and creepy scale! An apostle of evil, eating the flesh of others and worshipping a crime bible? Certainly not someone Iíd invite to a party.

Felix Faust: What an idiot. The guy can never get ahead. While I enjoyed the flashbacks, Iím surprised to see Morrisonís Klarion. Since when did he have dealings with Faust?

Egg Fu, I mean Chang Tzu: The DCU can always use another bad egg. Ba dum bum! Iím here all night! Try the veal!

Sabbac: Is it just me, or did this guy get a MAJOR upgrade??? The last time I read anything with Sabbac in it, he was a powered up human-looking character, NOT some mega huge demon! Of course, Iím not complaining. He looked awesome! Props to the art team! Once again, quite appropriate for a Halloween issue!

Iím confused about something, though. Where ARE we in the Marvel family timeline? I thought that magic disappeared and started going wacky BEFORE 52, not after, but maybe Iím misremembering. If Iím right, then Mary should be in a hospital and Freddie should be on crutches. Too many Marvel family comics for me to keep up, although thatís not a bad thing!

Oh, and ya gotta feel bad for the kid whoís dressed up like an acorn. Something tells me at the end of the night heís going to look into his bag and say, ďI got a rock.Ē

The Resolution: Does Mannheim floss after consuming human flesh? Does he eat eggs?

Will we be seeing more of Felix Faust?

How long before Osiris goes bad?

When is Magnus going to make something cool?

We can only hope that these and other questions will be addressed in the upcoming installments of 52!

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