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Bart Simpson Comics #32

Posted: Saturday, October 28, 2006
By: Ray Tate


Writer: Amanda McCann
Artists: James Lloyd(p), Howard Shum(i), Art Villanueva(c)

"Clone Alone"

Writer: Mary Trainor
Artists: Mike DeCarlo(p), Phyllis Novin(i), Villanueva(c)

"Baby Got Back at Burns"

Writer: Jesse Leon McCann
Artists: John Costanza(p), Shum(i), Villanueva(c)
Publisher: Bongo

Bart Simpson Comics offers three stories, but only one really lives up to the Simpsons brand of humor. The art however as always hits the Matt Groening style that can be recognized in an instant.

I will say in the first story's defense that it's very hard to revolve a story around Ralph Wiggum. You really can't be nasty to the character due to his deficiencies, and to be a true Simpsons story, even one ending on a sweet note, a certain amount of cynicism has to seep in.

Ralph goes to the fair and upon rolling around in the mud gets confused with a prized pig. The best part of the story as always is Chief Wiggum's unconditional love for his son and the recognition that while Cletus may be a "slack-jawed yokel," he's not a cannibal. He knows the difference between a shoat and somebody's son.

The next story is a predictable little number that gets a little spice with Simpsons continuity, but it was done better in Calvin and Hobbes. Bart clones himself. He hates the clone. The clone hates him. Let the skirmish begin.

The third story by Jesse Leon McCann is the best. During a family, beach trip Homer finds a golden fish, which promises wealth to the finder but "doom" to the stealer. Through a few contrivances, the meat and potatoes of The Simpsons, Maggie become the guardian of the fish, and her old enemy Mr. Burns--"Look, Smithers. It's that child who shot me."--becomes the thief. McCann makes use of Maggie's truly unusual characterization, which recalls her Great Escape antics from the fourth season's "A Streetcar Named Marge."

You can do worse, but this issue of Bart Simpson Comics isn't a necessary purchase. I'd only recommend it if you had some spare cash lying around in the vault.

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