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52 #26

Posted: Friday, November 3, 2006
By: John Hays

Writers: Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid
Artists: Keith Giffen (breakdowns); Patrick Oliffe (p), Drew Geraci (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

The Plot Tease: Renee and Charlie fly through the air with the greatest of ease, straight into the jaws of a dragon! Jack Ryder plays Morton Downey Jr. to Steel and Natasha, while the Sivanas and Blacks catch up on old times. Meanwhile back on the island, a lady invades the frat house.

The Heroes: Renee Montoya: The first page hooked me. The pure appreciation that one can experience in the moment is second to none. Something tells me that after seeing what she’s always wanted to see, Renee’s not going to be so quick to want to punch her own ticket again in the future. Excellent job showing this important lesson, guys. Excellent job. This one page just assured a good ranking for the entire issue. Nanda Parbat…is our detective team going to visit the home of Deadman? By the way, does anyone think that Charlie and Renee are going to go through ALL of this and not become really close by the end of it all? Running into Richard Dragon was a surprise! Where are we going from here?

John Henry: Well, at least he tried.

Waverider: What’s HE up to? Is he hanging around Booster Gold? Rip Hunter? Both?

Monster, I mean Oolong Island: Truly hilarious stuff, from the 1950’s monster movie scene to the bumbling men frantically tearing down the babe posters when the hot new scientist enters the picture! Do I smell romance for Dr. Magnus? (Incorrectly referred to as Morrow here)

J.G. Jones: Another fun cover.

Pete Pantazis: The colors were just awesome in this issue, particularly the mountains at the beginning! I really liked that pale blue/violet look!

The Villains: Jack Ryder: What good does he do in this role? I’ve never understood that logic. For instance, in Brave New World, he called for his own head, publicly offering money for the apprehension of The Creeper. It doesn’t make sense to me. By the way, Jack Ryder…Waverider? Coincidence?

The Sivana family: What a bunch of idiots! Other than the reveal of Waverider and Sobek the alligator (Go Gators!!), this seemed to just be a scene used for cheap laughs. Awesome splash page, though! Something tells me Sobek is much more than he seems.

The Resolution: Will Renee find what she’s truly looking for?

Will John Henry ever get through to Natasha?

Will Doc Magnus score?

Will there really be gators in the sewers?

We can only hope that these and other questions will be addressed in the upcoming installments of 52!

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