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Beyond! #5

Posted: Friday, November 3, 2006
By: Shawn Hill

“Everybody Limbo”

Writer: Dwayne McDuffie
Artist: Scott Kolins

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Plot: I’ve got a feeling about where this is heading. I think it might be disappointing to some, but at the same time, a book that turns Wasp into Medusa’s straight man has its own rewards.

Comments: Since we’re in Limbo, why not sit and stay awhile? Kolins has a lot of fun with the art in this sequence, perching our heroes in various positions on an indiscriminate background of shifting colors.

And while we’re getting comfortable, why not start up a pointless love affair, and rake over some jagged old ground, too? Wasp chooses this moment (her nerves must be frayed) to snap at Hank for his unforgettable abuse, but seeks solace on the strong shoulders of Medusa. Hank seeks solace of a different type in the admiring arms of Firebird. Hood and Gravity compare notes on family, while Kraven tries to trigger some healthy self-interest in the more taciturn Deathlok.

The Pros: Sounds dull? But it isn’t, as everyone acts as they might in this situation, strategizing and de-stressing in ways that are reasonable from what we’ve seen thus far. The heroes aren’t going to let themselves be trapped in Limbo for long, they’re too resourceful for that, and the bad guys are too devious to take any of this lying down.

At the very least, the Space Phantom can always be depended on to make one poor choice or another.

The Cons: The “shock” ending is too abrupt to really convince; clearly something else is going on. And it looks like the Beyonder may have nothing to do with things at all.

The Verdict: Who cares about the Beyonder anyway? I’m on board for the tensions of this particular motley crew. And to hear Medusa make a joke.

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