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2000AD #1509

Posted: Tuesday, November 7, 2006
By: Steven G. Saunders

Publisher: Rebellion Studios

Greeting, earthlets! Time to delve into another prog of The Galaxy's Greatest Comic…

Looks like another great collection of thrills. Those droids over at the Rebellion factories must be working their bolts off!

Judge Dredd: "Origins Part 5 – Fargoville"

Script Droid: John Wagner
Art Droid: Carlos Ezquerra

This is classic Dredd in top drokking form, folks! The Judges find Fargoville, the birthplace of Chief Justice Eustace Fargo (from whom Dredd is cloned from). There they discover the populace are strict adherents to the Law, brutally punishing those who commit infractions. Dredd and company check out the local museum, and they find out that everyone has the first name of Eustace (that had me howling with laughter). This part ends on a very intriguing note. If you've been missing Origins, this is a good place to start!

"Chiaroscuro Part 3"

Script Droid: Simon Spurrier
Art Droid: Smudge

Anthony Elvy seems to be getting real wrapped up in the mystery surrounding "Mortal Coil." It affects him to his very soul. He does some research down at the British Film Institute, but it seems to leave him with more questions. At the end of this particular part, we get to see yet another interesting death (at the Institute). Who's killing these people and why? What is the mystery of the brutal "Mortal Coil" film? Spurrier is doing an excellent job with this thrill and the illustrations by Smudge fit the story and mood perfectly.

The 86ers: "Interference Part 2"

Script Droid: Gordon Rennie
Art Droid: P.J. Holden

A lot of good action happens in this instalment, in both the dream sequence at the beginning and throughout the entire bit. As usual, Rennie and Holden are outstanding depicting the violence entrenched Rogue Trooper universe, and this part ends in typical "tune in next time and see!" fashion. Souther pilot Hunter is turning out to be an interesting character both in how she deals with things and with the Norts she has to serve with. I sure hope to see this whole story in a trade one day… And we're only on part 2!

Harry Kipling (Deceased): "The Hitman and the Hermoth – Part 1"

Script Droid: Simon Spurrier
Art Droid: Boo Cook

Harry Kipling is back, and he has some serious laldy to dish out on some gods! Everyone's favourite tea-drinking True Brit zombie kicks off this story by picking a fight with a large bird-like fella. Then it's off to find the Soma dealer Hermoth. Kipling and his companions find him. It appears Hermoth only speaks to visitors through a large TV screen positioned outside of his base, which sits atop Odin's mule. One of this things I love about this story and background is the very bizarre nature of it all. This certainly is one of Spurrier's more interesting works, and it actually compelled me to read this a couple of times. Boo Cook's art has a very colourful and almost psychedelic look to it. It definitely works for the story, that's for sure, being nearly as strange as the script it illustrates. I must say, it's nice to use words like "bizarre" and "strange" and not have them conjure up negative feelings. Good show, lads!

Sinister Dexter: "Places to go, People to Do Part 2"

Script Droid: Dan Abnett
Art Droid: Anthony Williams

Back to the Downlode, funtwipes! Man, this is a great instalment of Sinister Dexter; even if the eponymous pair isn't even in it (they're just mentioned). We're introduced to two young gun-sharks, Cane Broadus and Kal Cutter. They both seem to be very good at what they do and impress their boss, the Mover. We soon meet the imposing John Croak, who trained Sinister (who in turn, along with Dexter, trained Cutter). He's also supposed to be dead. It's also revealed that the Mover is supposed to be someone who's dead, as well…

This was a very tight part, kids, as it really ramps up the storyline. Abnett is totally on the money with this one, and Williams' art, while fun (in that seedy, hitman black comedy-drama sorta way), conveys the story very well. Oh, and lest I forget, "Spaghettisberg" might be one of the best plays on words ever. Not to mention the American Civil War themed Italian restaurant. Brilliant!

Well, that's it for now, dear reading units. Last prog was remarkable and this one is even better, it seems. I'm blowing my circuits just thinking of what #1510 will offer.

This is your humble reviews droid, as ever, signing off.

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