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52 #28

Posted: Friday, November 17, 2006
By: John Hays

Writers: Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid
Artists: Keith Giffen (breakdowns); Drew Johnson (p), Jack Jadson, Rodney Ramos, Ruy Jose (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

The Plot Tease: Renee and Charlie preach the word to Batwoman. Reddy gets his robot groove on in the outback, and our intrepid explorers take some time to have their Empire Strikes Back moment in the skeleton mouth of some ancient space creature.

The Heroes: Renee: Did you catch the major shift in her character after last week? Read that first page again, just her inner monologue. Now go WAY back to the early weeks. In the early weeks, who did Renee think most about and care most about? Herself, of course! Now who does she care about? Yep, Charlie. Reneeís really growing, and unfortunately, it appears that itís taking the death of someone close to her to manage it. As sad a statement as that is, whatís sadder is that itís oh so realistic. The irony for Renee is the fact that it was the death of another partner that led her down her dark path, and it just might be the death of another partner that brings her back.

Charlie: ďMoan moan moan.Ē HeheÖLove Charlie. Even during the low times, he keeps that great sense of humor. Iím really hoping that someone can pull off a miracle to keep Charlie alive after all is said and done. I know itís a popular theory that Renee will become the next Question, particularly after Mannheimís wording in this issue, but I think Charlie might be picking up an audience of his own with 52, and I donít want to see that go to waste.

Adam Strange: Yeah, man! Get ticked off! Show SOME type of emotion! Itís about time! This is the Adam Strange I like to see! By the way, is it horrible of me to flash back to the old Red Sonja film when I see them standing in the bones of that giant creature? Itís the first thing that came to mind.

Catman: One of the single best character reinventions of all time. Simple as that.

Can I have a half villain/half hero composite category for the art? I liked the splash pages (who was that fish guy? He looked pretty cool), but I didnít like Buddy Baker at all. It didnít look like Buddy at all, more like some random guy in Buddyís costume. Anyone else picture the Governator when looking at the closeup of Mannheim?

The Villains: Batwoman: What a disappointment. DC preps us for this big return, and she just plays the victim to try to trap Mannheim? I need to see some major character strides here before Iím impressed. By the way, did anyone wonder who else might have seen that Bat signal?

Red Tornado: What a stupid bit of story. How exactly did that move the character forward? Did that scene matter at all other than to point out Ridge Ferrick for some unknown future use? Oh, and to have Reddy say 52 a lot. Ooooh.

Buddy Baker: Stop complaining already and get with the program. Youíre a cool hero who needs to focus on the situation at hand. Sure, you care about your family. Sure, your powers arenít much help here, but hey, youíre a former stunt man, right? Youíve got some skills, so stay focused and try to help out.

The Resolution: Will Charlie survive? Will Batwoman?

Whereís Reddy HEADed to next?

Will Lobo finally come clean with whatís really going on?

We can only hope that these and other questions will be addressed in the upcoming installments of 52!

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