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Whisper #1

Posted: Tuesday, November 28, 2006
By: Shawn Hill

Writer: Steven Grant
Artist: Jean Dzialowski, Sunder Raj (colors)

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Plot: Danae Young packs a lot of lethal force into a deceptively comely package. Holding her own with the bad boys, even she’s not prepared for the life changes rung when the levee breaks.

Comments: What might this have to do with the last Whisper series, a ruthlessly entertaining jaunt through Hollywood’s seamy underbelly, by way of a lot of feckless users, crime lords, addicts and fragile friendships? I’m not sure. Danae and her sister Dyan are new characters, seemingly unconnected to the film noir travails of Alexis Devin. Unless I’ve forgotten someone, which is highly possible after 37 issues over 15 years ago.

But some things are still connected, such as the opportunistic violence that drives the plots of Steven Grant stories. His heroines have to be tough and cold to survive with all the bad guys who surround them, though this batch (involved in drugs and illegal arms trade and political destabilization) seems particularly brutal. There’s no veneer to a normal life left for anyone in this story.

Setting the story during Hurricane Katrina and in New Orleans adds a contemporary relevance, and lets the reader imagine one more side of the human horrors experienced there and then. The art team features sketchy but effective work from Dzialowski, greatly augmented by the murky color schemes of Raj. The feeling of oppressive weather drowns each page, a world of dirty water to be faced by this motley crew.

Grant ends the issue with a classic twist, but also clears the deck of many characters, making one wonder where he’ll go next. Like in the original Whisper, the action sequences are grounded in character motivations, including a healthy dose of introspection for the loner protagonist.

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