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Whisper #1

Posted: Thursday, November 30, 2006
By: Jim Miers

Writer: Steven Grant
Artist: Jean Dzialowski

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Much in the same vein as Daredevil, Whisper comes in as an intense psychological thriller with a noir feel to it. Dealing with the visions of her past, Danae Young is on a pursuit to “punish” those who have caused such pain in her life. Payton, a would-be narco-terrorist who is on a mission to destabilize Central and South America for the sake of his own drug profits is the fuel for the creation of Whisper. Not only does she have her own personal “tape” to continue reliving, but she also has certain elements of the US government to escape from as well. After infiltrating Payton’s goups, she wants to exact her revenge on him for making her sister attempt to assassinate her. Single-handedly, she takes down Payton, destroys the largest drug smuggling operation, and floods New Orleans. (Betcha thought that it was Hurricane Katrina, but it wasn’t…)

I think what makes this comic so appealing is the Greek tragedy-like story that begins with a father trying to teach his twin daughters how to defend themselves in a brutal and violent world. By some as-of-yet unknown twist of fate, one daughter follows the warrior’s code while the other one is pushed into it and can’t escape from it.

The artwork is sufficiently dark and moody for the rainy and introverted mood of the tale. The introspection adds to the character development and setting the mood. I do believe that the storyline and character are well on their way to becoming a 3-dimensional and multi-faceted character that deems further watching.

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