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2000AD #1512

Posted: Thursday, December 7, 2006
By: Steven G. Saunders

Publisher: Rebellion

Helloooo Earthlets! This is one heck of a prog, I must say! The creative robo-teams are really blasting 2000AD out of the astro-park lately. Mighty Tharg must be so very proud!

Well, then, let us get straight to the point, shall we?

Judge Dredd: “’Meet the Fargos’: Origins, Part 8”
Script Bot: John Wagner
Art Bot: Carlos Ezquerra

"Origins" just keeps getting better and better! In Part 8 Dredd and the other judges get their bacon saved by descendants of Ephram Fargo, who are all excited to see some kin. I should note that seeing people try to use Lawgivers that aren’t theirs get their hands blown off never, ever gets old. Things get more interesting when Dredd and company go to the town full of Ephram’s genetic kin (who are mutants) and exhume Ephram Fargo’s remains. In the end, we are treated to a rare side of Dredd, as he muses about his “relatives” visiting MC1… and allowing them to do so! I have to say that this whole storyline is excellent, and I salivate when I think of reading the next bit. The search for a possibly living Chief Judge Fargo continues next prog!!

Chiaroscuro: “Part 6”
Script Bot: Simon Spurrier
Art Bot: Smudge

More information on the cursed film come to light as Anthony Elvy and his rather nasty companion follow the clues up to the Orkney’s where they encounter a crazy old man and his warder. After the old man calms down after the initial encounter and goes to bed, his caretaker explains that the film, "Chiaroscuro," has totally messed him up mentally and emotionally (this much was already apparent). At the end of this part, we see the old man has carved the word “ACTION” all over his body and is prepared to explain what Chiaroscuro is! This may have been a more subdued episode, but it’s still good enough to give us the heebie-jeebies. It’s more introspective, but that’s what this thrill is really about. Elvy is not only discovering the unspeakable secret of Chiaroscuro, but he’s discovering something about himself. Spurrier and Smudge are really keeping up the good work here, folks. This is one of the best thrills to hit 2000AD in quite some time. I am almost nervous to see where it goes, as nightmares & loss of sleep could affect my writing output or something.

Sinister Dexter: “Places to Go, People to Do Part 6”
Script Bot: Dan Abnett
Art Bot: Anthony Williams

Nothing like kicking off a strip with Finnegan Sinister blowing some funtheads away! Abnett and Williams totally score with the opening scene. Just another night in Downlode, really. But it’s executed superbly. Ha! I said “executed.” Anyhow, Finny scares the funtcakes outta Mr. Apellido and then visits Tushman, his attorney (who seems pleased to see him alive). He’s retained, and then the episode ends on what could be a dark note, maybe? We’ll see! Honestly, this is one of the best Sinister Dexter thrills I’ve read. Very nice work. Whack-a-doodle-do, indeed!

Harry Kipling (Deceased): “The Hitman and Hermoth, Part 4”
Script Bot: Simon Spurrier
Art Bot: Boo Cook

This is the spectacular conclusion to a thrill that I wished would last longer. Aside from the whacky but terrific story, the art is especially vibrant in an urbane manner. You’re just going to have to read it yourself, but the big fight with Hermoth happens, Klux “bites it,” and Harry gets a bit closer to finding out who made him. I am hoping that the follow-up thrill that is hinted at in the end is coming up soon! You hear me? Don’t make me wait forever! I hate begging. Come on.

Nikolai Dante: “Sword of the Tsar, Part 2”
Script Bot: Robbie Morrison
Art Bot: Simon Fraser

Now that is a Dante thrill! Damn. As if this prog couldn’t get any better, Dante rounds it out in style. This episode starts out with a bit of an overview to what’s going on in the world and then cuts to the captive Nikolai Dante as he awaits trial and what will surely be a short and violent demise via capital punishment. However, the Tsar gives him an offer he cannot refuse… to which Dante still “negotiates” in a very entertaining manner. A deal is made, and Dante gets his way. However, the Tsar adds that if he doesn’t succeed then his mother and “the rest of her kind” are toast. I have to say, it’s almost as if Morrison saw that negative review I wrote about one of his Dante strips awhile back. I love it when I'm proven wrong in this way. Although this story draws from an assortment of familiar elements, it’s classic Nikolai Dante and is sure to please. Please keep up the great work, Mr. Morrison and team.

So, the way this robot sees it, one would have to be clinically insane if they’re not reading 2000AD right now. Take up a life of space piracy if you have to; just do whatever it takes to get these zarjaz stories from the factories to your greedy little claws.

I wonder what neat new thrill will be in the place of Nikolai Dante next? Well, I’m sure many of you in the UK Zone know… But I have yet to assess the data.

This is your humble and faithful reviews droid reporting, as ever, signing off. Until next time, my friends.

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