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Looney Tunes #145

Posted: Saturday, December 9, 2006
By: Ray Tate

"Viva Lost Wages"
"A House Divided"
"The Sting of the Ring"

Writers: Various
Artists: Various

Publisher: DC Comics

In "Viva Lost Wages," "a right turn at Albuquerque" directed by Sholly Fisch takes Bugs and Daffy to Vegas where the crazy mallard bets all their ownings on a two-headed coin flipped by Rocky and Mugsy. Fisch makes good use of the performance shtick rivalry fostered by the two characters. This allows Leo Batic and Horacio Ottolini to express loving examples of slapstick violence. The conclusion of the short relies on Bugs' typical treatment of the two hapless gangsters but varies the means through the theme.

Frank Strom in "A House Divided" comes up with the unique pairing of Daffy and Tweety. Strom makes use of Tweety as a catalyst for mayhem. Neal Sternecky and Scott McRae make Tweety fetchingly cute, just as cute as his original persona, to offset the bird's facilitation of Daffy's self-destructive tendencies.

Tweety returns to befuddle Daffy in Robbie Busch's seriously weird "Sting of the Ring." In this story, Daffy manipulates Porky Pig into a bout against the bird. This time Tweety acts like his original instigative persona. Walter Carzon and Ruben Torriero ring the bell with astonishing displays of Tweety's fighting prowess.

Special note must be made for colorist Dave Tanguay and letterer Ryan Cline. Tanguay uses practically every shade in the spectrum to enhance such things as the scope of Vegas kitsch and the atmosphere of a sunlit desert mesa. Cline's words help punch the jokes and give the entire work a warm feeling.

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