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Justice League Unlimited #28

Posted: Saturday, December 9, 2006
By: Ray Tate

"Seasons Beatings Justice League!"

Writer: Mike McAvennie
Artists: Sanford Greene(p), Nathan Massengill(i), Heroic Age(colors)

Publisher: DC Comics

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,
and all through the city not a creature was stirring,
except JLU writer Mike McAvennie.

Said McAvennie, "Season's tidings to the reader.
I wish you good cheer" with Flash, Batman and the Phantom Stranger.

The Stranger takes the Flash on a trip to witness first hand
how every Christmas affects the Batman.

In a Christmas Carol, McAvennie characterizes with care,
to expose the pain from the murder of Thomas and Martha
Wayne bare.

The continuity arrives in the form of the Gray Ghost,
the hero Batman admires the most, and The Flash
learns that Batman's cold-blooded ways on the surface
arise from a sense of unswerving purpose.

Though the Flash's parting gift is sweet, the greatest gift he gives to the Dark Knight, he delivers with his fleet feet.

The felonious elf that got away is up to no good,
and he acts like a familiar hood.

"He would never want you or anyone else to endure the pain he has," says the Stranger.
So the Flash saves a child and his parents from danger.

Expertly crafted and timed is the near duplication of the crime
perpetrated by Joe Chill,
courtesy of Sandford Greene and Nathan Massengill.

Ho, Ho, Ho, Justice League Unlimited readers! This is one present
that need not be
found 'neath a Christmas tree.

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