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Zein #4 & #5

Posted: Friday, December 15, 2006
By: Michael Deeley

Writers: Marwan El-Nashr & Todd Vicino (#4 only)
Artist: Rafael Kras

Publisher: AK Comics

Zein is the last member of an ancient family whose power and technology have far surpassed anything on Earth. Since 9,000 BC, heís been roaming the world, amassing wealth and power to rebuild his fatherís kingdom. Now he defends Origin City from crime and supernatural threats as the masked protector, Zein!

Issue #4 is a flashback to 1899 when Zein was working as a surgeon with the famous Dr. Livingston. Thereís plenty of commentary on British oppression of the Egyptians as Zein uncovers the mystery of a murderous beast. Back in the present day, Zein chases an escaped enemy and faces the judgment of Anubis.

This title is not bad, not bad at all. Krasí art reminds me of Mike Weringo. Itís a loose, broad style grounded by heavier inks. It gives a heavy touch to a light penciling style. Itís fun story with action and a little supernatural weirdness. Zeinís origins paint him as a Doc Savage with alien technology, but his trip to Anubisí realm takes the story into Dr. Strange territory. Thereís plenty of story potential for an immortal warrior whoís secretly watched and protected mankind for centuries. And using the Egyptian pantheon elevates him to the level of cosmic protector. Then thereís the mystery of what happened to his similarly empowered brothers and sister. Mythological origins, noble intentions, and plenty of history to explore.

This series is worth watching.

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