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Guy Gardner: Collateral Damage #2

Posted: Friday, December 29, 2006
By: Chris Murman

Writer and Artist: Howard Chaykin

Publisher: DC Comics

Weíve been talking about reviewing complete stories and critiquing them on an un-biased system a lot here at SBC this week. Well, I read the first of this two-book mini, and I have not had much Chaykin experience before this. I do have plenty of GL and Guy Gardner read time, but thatís to be expected. So let me sum this up in my most professional manner possible.

This series still sucked.

Now I know I have stated before that Iím a Gardner fan to the core. You can thank my buddy Sean for stuffing him down my throat as we used to drown ourselves in his old Green Lantern books during our college days. Guy is just cool. In the end of this book, of course, he somehow has some woman realizing heís not quite the rogue he seems to be and deep down heís just a lovable hero who needs a little nookie from time to time.

Okay, that last part wasnít very tactful, but itís a rule about reviewing a GL Gardner book. You have to be crass. Yes, I just made that rule up.

What this book does boil down to is two problems I have: Chaykin the artist and Chaykin the writer.

First, Iíll hit the artwork. Say what you want about our boy being a fan favorite and carrying with him quite a following. I even listened to a podcast interview over on Word Balloon, and he seems like a fun guy to follow. There are just some styles, however, that are going to rub you the wrong way. That is going to happen no matter how much of a following an artist has. I read similar things about Paul Pope when he did the Batman Year 100 mini, which I loved.

It was just too hard for me to follow what was going on sometimes. GL fans love seeing action and the ring doing some fantastic things on the page. We didnít see that here. There was surprisingly a lot of dialogue in this book, and the faces that Howard draws just donít suit me at all.

Secondly, let's address the part where the story got to me. Iím sure there are a lot of people who donít know what is going on because there is a ton of back story. Iím talking about after you get versed in whatís going on with Rann and Thanagar. Thatís the easy part. This business with the Vuldarians and Tormocks and Gardnerís involvement with their feud will just fly over a ton of teen-aged heads. Lest I forget, there is the presence of Gínort that further taints this book. I could go on an entire tangent about what a waste of a character he is, but weíll move on. There just wasnít enough explanation there for me. I know what happened before because I called my aforementioned college buddy, but not everyone is that lucky.

Basically, this book is about Guy getting pissed about his bar being trashed and going on a killing spree, then somehow saving the day accidentally, and getting to do it like they do on the Discovery channel with a Thanagarian. Sound like a good time to you?

It wasnít for me. Good thing Green Lantern Corps will make up for it next month.

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