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Boneyard #23

Posted: Saturday, January 6, 2007
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Artist: Richard Moore
Publisher: NBM

Boneyard sometimes surprises with action and drama rivaling that of a so-called serious comic book. Sometimes it can simply be uproarious. This issue Boneyard burgeons with wittiness and understated comedy.

When last we left the cast, they were attending the Illuminary Ball. The demon Lilith spiked Abbey's drink. The stoned party results may prove fatal. If the Illuminary doesn't like you, you may not be around for to make a fresh impression.

It's not just Abbey's antics that generate humor. You expect that. What's really surprising is the way the entire cast, apart from Abbey, restrains themselves, yet still remain in character.

Normally, Nessie is lascivious Gill Woman who engages in sexy, screwball comedy. In this issue, because of the theme, she delivers understated amusement and expresses herself subtly, almost in Chuck Jones styled responses where a half-hooded eye can speak volumes.

Moore creates a different environment, which forces the characters to modify their behavior. As a result they gain more dimension and become more alive. Even when Moore finds a means to involve most of the remaining cast, he subsumes most of their bad instincts into a kind of demonic elegance. The double-acts and the interactions however are still hilarious.

Usually Boneyard appeals to its readers as a jokefest. There is also another aspect, which explains the title's success. The characters have heart. They like each other. Michael does everything to protect Abbey. He embarrasses himself. He confronts mind-blowing wonders. He tolerates Glumph. He does all these things to save Abbey from the potential wrath of the Illuminary. Hildy drops everything to help Abbey. Glumph co-operates. Robin, the newest member of the cast, will do her part. It's a very optimistic approach to story writing that should be adopted by more books.

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