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52 #37

Posted: Friday, January 19, 2007
By: John Hays

Writers: Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid
Artists: Keith Giffen (breakdowns); Pat Oliffe (p), Drew Geraci (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

The Plot Tease: Supernova unmasks, and itís just gold! While Supernova keeps Skeets busy, Rip assembles a weapon that he hopes can at least delay the inevitable. While Green Lantern assists Star City in his way, Ollie and Dinah discuss how Ollie will assist the city in a new capacity.

The Heroes: Booster: Yeah, thatís the Booster Iím used to! Itís about time! (pun intended). While itís still unfortunate that Booster had to show up back in our time with the attitude he displayed upon first arriving in the DCU, minus all the emotional growth heís had over the years, itís good to see that the writers MIGHT be finally setting him right again. The big mystery has been who Supernova is, with candidates such as Mon-El, Steel, Booster, Ray Palmer, Mr. Miracle, Earth 2 Superman, etcÖ Itís finally been put to rest. The next question must now be, where is Booster/Supernova One Year Later? Neither hero has been seen as of yet, so Michaelís continued existence past 52 cannot yet be assumed! By the way, it was nice to see Rip Hunter get some screen time. Anyone else think he might be Daniel Carter? Of course, I guess Skeets could always do a quick DNA scan to confirm or refute that.

Ollie: Poor Ollie, he tries to love Dinah, but his hormones and just hisÖ Ollieness gets in the way. You can see that Dinah is still hopeful though, when she asks him if his new job will retire the Green Arrow. Perhaps sheíd like to see him settle down so that they could be together? If so, I doubt it would last long. Both are too wild to be tamed. I was a bit taken aback by Dinahís casual offer to Ollie to join her halfway around the world when heís just started his job as mayor of Star City. Does she not realize that he might be a bit busy?

Lobo: Hey, he was nice enough to read Buddy his last rights, just before tossing the bishopís hat to the ground and trading it in for his usual look. I guess those things are pretty easy to come by in space. I definitely hope Loboís adventures on the seven golden planets with the emerald eye are picked up somewhere in the near future.

Buddy: You just canít keep a good Animal Man down! Iíve been told that those aliens were seen years ago in Buddyís own comic in relation to his origin, so this should get real interesting. Thereís always the chance heís a zombie, but with those particular aliens showing up, I rather doubt it.

You know, with Michael and Buddy coming back in this issue, some folks are saying that all talk of JLI characters being killed should stop right now. Come on! This is a nice bone, but thatís all it really is. The scales are still heavily tilted on the side of death, so it will be some time before that discussion ends. Iíd still like to see Ted Kord get another shot. I think Blue and Gold would sell.

The Villains: Skeets: Persistant sucker, isnít he? Since when can ANYTHING eat the Phantom Zone? Just how powerful is he now? I guess the real question is, who is controlling Skeets? Candidates now include Mr. Mind, Brainiac, Doc Magnus (he DID fix him early on), Maxwell Lord, etcÖ Iíll just go ahead and give my vote to Ultron. Just kidding. It IS interesting, though, that all the machine heroes in the DCU are having issues (Skeets, Red Tornado, Metal Men, etcÖ) Wasnít there some mention of a machine war coming?

The art team(s): Come on, folks. Supernovaís identity has been a point of fan speculation for some time, and it doesnít help when last week heís an ultra buff guy, and this week heís a scrawny guy. We need SOME level of consistency. Plus, did you notice how some people in this issue have dots for eyes, while others have actual eyes, iris, pupil and all?

The Firestorm origin: While we all know this is the origin of the current Firestorm, I still think a bit more should have been said about Ronald Raymondís part in the legacy, as opposed to a really quick ďOh, and Firestorm crashed into Jason.Ē I guess legacy only matters when the writers care about that character.

The Resolution: Will Supernova survive?

What is Skeets capable of now?

What do those aliens intend on doing with Buddy?

Will we get to see the further adventures of Lobo?

We can only hope that these and other questions will be addressed in the upcoming installments of 52!

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