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Walk-In #2

Posted: Friday, February 2, 2007
By: Michael Deeley

Creator: Dave Stewart
Writer: Jeff Parker
Artist: Ashish Padlekar

Publisher: Virgin Comics

Ian Dormouse suffers from blackouts. Heíll wake up in strange places with no memory of how he got there. Recently, he awoke in Moscow watching a stripper with an octopus on her shoulder only he can see. Ian gets a job at the strip club as a mind reader. But what began as an act becomes real, as he discovers the power to really see peopleís dreams and their colored ďauras.Ē A fake gypsy suggests Ian is a ďwalk-inĒ: a person often inhabited by a spirit and used to do work on Earth. Now heís being followed by identical twins who talk like they can also see what Ian sees.

Honestly, this is better than I thought it would be. Usually when a celebrity puts their name on a comic, it turns out to be a half-assed mess of clichťs and B-grade art. (See Mr. T and the T-Force or anything from Techno-Comix.) But this is pretty good. This issue is primarily about Ian discovering his powers and wondering what they mean. There isnít much plot beyond Ian seeing weird stuff, but thatís enough for now. Weíre being introduced to the mystery and the people involved. Itís a small cast though, and Iíd like to see it expanded in later issues.

The art here is great. It reminds me of a Ralph Bakshi movie. The people are very expressive, and the environments quite detailed. Padlekar and Patil display a level of talent and professionalism usually seen in animation. The colors tend to look muddy, but it fits the urban environment. Most of the story also takes place at night. The whole comic looks like it could be a cartoon. Very good work.

An interview with Dave Stewart at the end of the issue reveals his inspiration for the story. Supposedly, he had a near-death experience while working as a memory man in a German burlesque house. Itís an odd concept, but itís building quietly. Usually a comic with a magic premise throws a lot of weird stuff and magic double talk at the reader right away. Walk-In takes a slower approach. I think it works better. This isnít about some secret war between spirits or a prophecy being fulfilled (yet). Itís about the strange things happening to one guy and his attempts to sort them out. Iím curious to see where the storyís going.

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