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Justice League Unlimited #30

Posted: Saturday, February 10, 2007
By: Ray Tate

"Heavy Mettle"

Writer: Mike Baron
Artists: Carlo Barberi(p), Bob Petrecca(i), Heroic Age(c)

Publisher: DC Comics

A real dud of an issue. Dr. Polaris invades the Watchtower to snatch a cosmic doohickey. Standing in his way, Booster Gold, and Speedy. Speedy? That's right. Speedy. I guess Brother Power the Geek wasn't available.

Does Speedy have any fans? In my opinion, this character only had one purpose: to be Green Arrow's Robin. In that regard, he was fantastic. Anywhere else that wasn't Nick Cardy Teen Titans he pretty much wasted space.

In Justice League Unlimited, Speedy the metrosexual super-hero, at least that's how he looks, does his level best against Dr. Polaris. This means that the writer devotes page after page of Speedy running away and ducking whatever Dr. Polaris cooked up to kill him.

Booster Gold is a much more credible super-hero in the television series. Witness his transformation in "The Greatest Story Never Told." Fans of this character will enjoy displays of his intelligence and get a kick out of his seniority status. Booster Gold is a member of the Justice League. Speedy is a mere last minute substitute, or perhaps Green Arrow conned Gold into baby sitting his ward. I really don't know why he's there. As far as I know, sidekicks weren't inducted into the League. Maybe this changes in the second season.

Booster provides the key to defeat Polaris. At least, he provides the shape of the key. I seem to be missing a page detailing the actual slipping of the key in the lock. Polaris seems to be working his magnetic mojo on the "anti-matter force-field" protecting the cosmic thingamabob. He must have succeeded because his shuttle departs. Speedy shoots an arrow having a stone head, and something blows up. The end. See, there's something missing in between Booster recognizing the utility of the English longbow and Speedy shooting a stone arrow at Polaris' ship.

I don't know what happened. I don't really care. I like Booster Gold, but I don't give a rat's behind about Speedy. I think I would have preferred Vibe or the Color Kid as Booster's partner. Regardless, Baron doesn't adequately explain what Speedy did to blow Polaris' shuttle. The reader needs more than a stone-tipped arrow and Newtonian physics to illuminate the explosion.

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