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Eternals #7

Posted: Monday, March 5, 2007
By: Shawn Hill

Writer: Neil Gaiman
Artists: John Romita, Jr. (p), Danny Miki (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Plot: Now that some of the Eternals remember who they are, they have some old business to take care of, some new boundaries to draw, and some forgotten powers to explore.

Comments: It’s rare for a mini-series to actually add an issue. Usually “2 of 6” changes to “4 of 4” if sales go south. This title became “6 of 7” last issue, and now we find out what that seventh issue was for.

This issue is both epilogue and set-up. I’m not sure if it would work without Gaiman; he seems to have a fresh angle on these characters: having spent several years masquerading as humans, due to amnesia, they now understand we mortals better than they ever have. And there were things about feeling mortal that they liked, much to their own surprise.

Iron Man makes his intrusive presence known for another issue, appealing to Sersi to rejoin the Avengers (she refuses), and convincing himself he’s negotiated a non-registration truce with Zuras (as if Zuras cares). Zuras has something else on his mind, and that is justice for the little meddler Sprite, now all too mortal. Their scene is reminiscent of a classic model from Miracleman, but with an even more cynical sense of inevitability.

These gods are something else than super-heroes, but not too much, as their new agenda is to find and awaken the 90 remaining sleeper agents. They also have to do the Celestial’s bidding, handle the Changing Ones with diplomacy, and prepare for something called the Horde. Thanks to the clever dialogue and a recurrent sense of awe Gaiman achieves (with the epic-sized collaboration of Romita, Jr.), I’d definitely come back for more Eternals.

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