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Fantastic Four: The End #6

Posted: Friday, March 9, 2007
By: Shawn Hill

Writer/Artist: Alan Davis
Inks: Mark Farmer

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Plot: Sue has gathered everything she needs to make her dream come true, but Ben, Johnny and Reed don’t even understand what she’s trying to do. Meanwhile, on the edge of the solar system, the Avengers and various allies try to head off a combination Skrull/Shi’Ar/Kree invasion.

Comments: The most interesting thing about this arc has been seeing the four act and live apart from each other. Fractured by personal tragedy, Ben has become a content family man, Johnny has matured into the leadership role of the Avengers, and Sue has become something of an esoteric archaeologist. Seeing Ben enjoy an actual family of his own has made seem him stronger than ever, and seeing Johnny tell Thor what to do was an interesting surprise.

Reed, haunted and guilty and driven on a lonely asteroid, is still more attractive and sympathetic than the currently inane loser of the 616 version. Each character has had spotlit moments as they face a gallery of FF rogues, subtly tweaked into new versions by Davis. He’s repeated in this one series the arc of Sue’s character development over the last thirty years; namely, providing clear proof that she’s by far the most formidable of the Four, almost on Magneto power levels when she puts her mind to it.

Everything does tie up rather neatly this issue, with several deux ex machinas saving the day in rapid succession. Sue and Reed have a faith vs. reason argument, but she must be right because things do turn out as she believed they would, based on clues, hints and intuitions Reed couldn’t even see.

A predictable Alan Davis comic is still a beautiful comic. He chose this ambitious amount of characters, and he doesn’t stint on them, keeping track of nameless spandex suits as well as the heavy hitters. He also manages to use the title concept in a new way, as this isn’t really “the end” of the team as we knew them. Rather, it’s been a look at what became of them after a particularly tragic ending, and how they got better eventually. This issue sees an end to their suffering, with hope back in the picture at last.

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