Journey Into Mystery #626

A comic review article by: Jamil Scalese
Recently, a lot of "F" words have show up on the covers of the books featuring characters we love. Rarely have Fear Itself and Flashpoint tie-ins been much help in boosting the narrative of the main books. That doesn't mean all those books are poor, just not wholly effective.

Gillen's short work has gone a long way in the pages of Journey Into Mystery. The brash and brazen Loki skips through the Nine Realms on a mission to save Asgard, first meeting up with the powerful Thor villain Surtur, then making his way back to Midgard to take on the Serpent and his Dark Asgard, the floating island from Fear Itself #5.

The complementary information is what puts this comic on a must-pull for someone looking for more on The Worthy and Co. Of all the tie-ins I have read Journey is the only one that specifically references things from the most recent issue of the core title, which sets a bar that a lot of the other tie-ins miss completely. Maybe Gillen gets some special access to Fractions scripts because there's a sense that this story is the second layer of the onion.

Doug Braithwaite continues to be brilliant. His style drives home the fantasy flair that Gillen has building, and there is not many weak spots in the consistent run. I kind of feel like I'm reading at times. This creative team is offering up a very different read that mixes naturally into the greater Marvel scheme. That's pretty hard to do.

The mix of humor, majesty and mischievous adventure speaks to a range of comic readers, and I suggest giving Journey Into Mystery a chance because it deserves one. Kid Loki is shaping to be one of the best young characters in recent Marvel history, and as much as I love a full grown Trickster God the little tyke has grown on me in bounds.

Jamil Scalese is just like you -- an avid comics fan and lover of sequential art. Residing in Pittsburgh, PA, he is an unapologetic Deadpool fan, lover of the Food Network and proud member of Steelers Nation.

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