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Onslaught Reborn #3

Posted: Tuesday, March 20, 2007
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Jeph Loeb
Artist: Rob Liefeld

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Onslaught has possessed Thor’s body and fights the Hulk. Then he jumps into Hulk and beats Thor. Then Iron Man beats Hulk so Onslaught jumps into him. Loki and the Masters of Evil show up to offer their help. And the Hawkeye of this world might be Wolverine.

You know, I still don’t like Liefeld; he's a lousy artist and completely unprofessional. But he does draw a good fight scene. When a plot calls for big guys wailing in each other for 20 pages, he delivers. There’s not much to it beyond Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and assorted Avengers punching each other. It’s like a Michael Bay movie: no plot, no character, but it’s exciting and looks pretty. Light entertainment.

Is it just me, or do the women’s breasts in this issue look weird? Not just too big, but kind of... “laying” the wrong way, especially the Scarlet Witch’s. Maybe I’m just noticing these things now because I’m sleeping with a woman.

Of course, when there’s no story advancement and just a long fight scene, it shows a lack of writing quality. Loeb is just spinning his wheels here, hinting at big developments for next issue. You could skip this issue and miss nothing important. (You could say that about the entire mini-series.) Oh, one more thing: A story’s character should not reference the movie/TV show/other story that the present story is ripping off (in this case, the movie Fallen). The reader will compare the current story to the original and may find the original better.

Finally, the variant cover shows Wonder Man as part of the Masters of Evil, but he doesn’t appear in the issue. That shows a lack of communication between the book’s editor and the artist. Or maybe Wonder Man is appearing next issue and wasn’t included in this one. Either way, someone’s screwing up.

I was already committed to buying the mini-series because I like the idea of Onslaught. He’s a monstrous, nearly all-powerful psychic that can rewrite reality at his whim. So why is he wasting time playing puppeteer with these musclemen?

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