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Scooby Doo #118

Posted: Saturday, March 24, 2007
By: Ray Tate

"This Old Haunted House"

Writer: Sholly Fisch
Artists: Scott Jeralds(p), Jeff Albrecht(i), Heroic Age(c)


Writer: Scott Peterson
Artists: Tim Leavins and Dan Davis, Heroic Age(c)
Publisher: DC

Scooby-Doo this week features two shorts and another informative lesson in the supernatural by John Rozum.

The first story uses an Extreme Makeover type television show as its backdrop. The whydunit by Sholly Fisch won't strain any brain cells, but Fisch makes up for the lack in complexity with a "ghost" that suits the setting and funny sight gags, ably constructed by Jeralds and Albrecht, from Shaggy and Scooby.

Next Mr. Rozum with Robert Pope and Scott McRae has Velma delve into folklore, even I have never heard of, and puts together an amusing joke dependent on the characterization of the Gang.

Scott Peterson finishes off the book with a variation of Clue. His method for getting Mystery Inc. to the scene of the crime relies more on the themes found in the Scooby-Doo movies as does Daphne's reactions, subtly expressed in Tim Leavins' and Dan Davis' art. The farce is well played, and the suspects are imaginatively designed.

The two stories are rewarding. The art's on model, and you lean something after reading. In other words, good solid Scooby-Doo.

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