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Brave and the Bold #2

Posted: Monday, March 26, 2007
By: Shawn Hill

ďThe Lords of Luck: Ventura, chapter 2Ē

Writer: Mark Waid
Artists: George Perez (p), Bob Wiacek (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

Plot: Itís outer space fun-time, as Green Lantern and Supergirl pursue the purloined Book of Destiny to a planet that hates any form of precognition.

Comments: This is an action-packed book, and itís funny in a way thatís actually purposeful and entertaining. Itís almost as if the writer remembers the classic rules of storytelling. Rather than feeling perfunctory, the familiar targets that Waid hits on page after page add up to an appealing, amusing yarn, one that brilliantly mixes aspects of the Legion of Super-Heroesí history with the current DC universe, all without really invoking his major area of expertise (Superman) at least not directly. And surprises appear at regular intervals, not as upsetting shocks of gore, but as clever bits of misdirection, perfect for a story taking place on a planet ruled the Lords of Luck.

Perez is in fine form here as well. His cover brilliantly evokes a puzzle-piece mishmash of Las Vegas and Blade Runner, which, despite its business, leaves our iconic duo clearly framed in the center. Inside, he makes Kara sexy without being prurient (which would be highly out of place in a story calling attention to her youth), and she and Hal make a charming team as they infiltrate a world designed to keep out people just like them.

Inside, Waid has some fun with Karaís immaturity and Halís experience. Surrounded by Halís green glow, she flirts mercilessly until he reminds her of his age, then picks up an idea from him about going undercover to smoke out their prey who thinks he has all the bases covered with his magic book, but there are other forces in play and the book has a mind of its own.

There are battles, there are crowds, there are chases under the bleachers, there are the high-tech glowing holograms that seem to characterize this science hero type of story, and Waid also finds time to hint about the next issue which will shift focus to Batman and Blue Beetle. This is impressive comicbook storytelling by masters of the field, and itís a success that may or may not be on its way towards classic status.

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