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Ghost Rider #9

Posted: Monday, April 2, 2007
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Daniel Way
Artists: Javier Saltares (p), Mark Texeira (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

One of the 666 pieces of Lucifer has resurrected the body of recently deceased supervillain Jack O’Lantern. Jack has been decapitating teenagers in Sleepy Hollow, Illinois. Ghost Rider comes to the town and is quickly blamed for the killings. Ghost Rider fights the Satan-powered Jack and is quickly defeated.

This reads like a standard slasher flick. There’s a terrible monster, an innocent drifter, and corrupt small town police. We can see where this is going, but it’s all done very well. And there’s still a chance the ending will surprise us. I think Ghost Rider works best in monster stories like this. Here’s he’s the misunderstood monster come to fight a greater evil.

I’m a little disappointed in Lucifer’s dialogue as Jack O’Lantern though. The Devil should be above the antics of a minor supervillain. He does seem to revel in the role. At one point, he muses how his dialogue sounds so corny. I’d leave that to Chris Sims and his Invincible Super-Blog.

Dan Brown’s colors are muted but suit the menacing mood of the story. Texeira’s finishes seem a little muddy, but they also add texture to the story. This comic is visually distinct from superhero comics. Like Gene Colan’s work on Tomb of Dracula and Bernie Wrightson’s work at DC, Saltares, Texeira, and Brown create a visual style that instantly communicates horror. I wish I could see Saltares’ original pencils and learn how much Texeira added to the art.

Next issue promises Jack/Lucifer leading a zombie army on Halloween. So I’m sticking around for that.

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