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Bomb Queen III: The Good, the Bad & the Lovely #1

Posted: Tuesday, April 3, 2007
By: Chris Murman

Writers: Jim Valentino and Jimmie Robinson
Artists: Jimmie Robinson and Seth Damoose

Publisher: Image Comics

So my buddy Sean chimed in a few weeks ago that one of the great Image titles I have been missing out on was Bomb Queen. Itís not hard to see the reason why he, as well as most red-blooded men, feels that way. The covers are pure cheesecake and cussing. One cover I saw showed the villainess riding one of her enemies to the earth with his head between her legs (Or was it her? They love girl on girl action for covers as well), which is fine if you want comics to piss off my wife more than they already do. My worry over picking up this third volume of bombs and cleavage, however, was that the story wouldnít have any depth to it other than getting the boys to stand at attention.

The verdict is that I canít say Iím wholeheartedly on board, but I am at least not as revolted as I thought I would be. I've even seen enough to want to read more. Congrats Shadowline; youíve gotten me on board two straight books in as many weeks.

By now those of you still reading know what this character is about. New Port City is run like Amsterdam, if it were in a Snoop video. Areas of the city are for specific vices, and trying to stray out of that zone for your brand of fun gets you busted. Oh and thereís no super heroes either to keep evil doers at bay...they are all outlawed except for the ruler of this Bizarro haven: the illustrious Bomb Queen.

As Dennis Leary once said, ďSin is in, and so we begin.Ē

I will say Iím interested in seeing if the shadow government can come up with a decent plan to stop BQ in this arc. I do not know how successful they were in the previous two volumes or one-shotsÖbut having the same ole story line hash out will get old. The supercomputer being offline was curious as well. Was it this underground reformers as well?

I also donít know the dynamic between Blacklight and BQ quite yet, which may mean Iím going to head back to the shop this weekend to read up. The solicitations provided by Kris Simon says sheís an old sparring partner. If the way BQ rolls is any indication, looks like the shadow lass took quite a few punches. Acrophobia is so cute on an antagonist.

Also, where have the heroes gone to if they arenít in NPC anymore? There is a reference made to a group called the Intimidators, which I will pray isnít a group of super-powered NASCAR drivers all named Earnhardt. Has the super hero community given up on stopping our villain because itís illegal to?

Iíve said it many times; these kinds of questions are always good for a book publisher. You get me coming back to the shop willing to give a book a second try. I will not shout from the mountain tops about the literary novelty of this series. As my intro stated, this is a book about the three Es: explosions, explicatives and ďegad those are boobs flapping in the wind!Ē You should pick this up if you are into that.

Along the way, you may get an interesting plot as well.

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