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Looney Tunes #149

Posted: Saturday, April 7, 2007
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Various
Artist: Various
Publisher: DC

This issue of Looney Tunes stars Warner Brothers' world's finest, and includes a pair of surprising cameo. The first story and the last offer good solid cartoony entertainment, and the second story where Bugs teams up with Daffy rivals the classic slapstick of Michael Maltese and Chuck Jones.

In "Duck Tape" Daffy assumes his Acme salesman incarnation to pester Elmer Fudd. Joey Cavaleri starts off violently and sets up the reader with one joke only to pull the rug out from under her with another running gag. The inventive gags rely on wordplay and unusual ideas while artist Neal Sternecky and colorist Dan Tanguay sell the story with characterization sight gags, such as when Daffy becomes literally starry eyed, and where that emotion evolves naturally into overblown patriotism.

Writer Barry Liebman finds yet another unexplored variation on the "Duck! Rabbit! Duck! Fire!" style of humor. In this short, Liebman once again casts Daffy as a salesman, merely a different division. Gunpowdered duck-bill is the order of the day, and David Alvarez, Mike DeCarlo and Tanguay make each panel a superb tribute to the masters of buckshot.

"Bugs and Goliath" is exactly what you think it is, but Sholly Fisch substitutes Goliath with a traditional Bugs Bunny foe. This is doubly absurd given this character's nature. Fisch, Omar Aranda, Alberto Saichann and Tanguay capture Bugs' intelligence and his ability to apply intellect to mayhem. After a series of short cons, Fisch has Bugs dish out a comeuppance that's worthy of his ingenuity.

Three stories, star characters, on model artwork and amusing to laugh out loud funny gags make this issue of Looney Tunes a must buy.

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