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Dynamo 5 #2

Posted: Saturday, April 14, 2007
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Jay Faerber
Artists: Mahmud Asrar, Ron Riley(c)
Publisher: Image

This issue of Dynamo 5 acts as a stand-alone mystery, but one that lacks complication. Faerber provides good plot twists. He uses the powers of the group cleverly to keep things moving. His characterization rings true, and he’s not averse to a little fun. Asrar’s talent makes the characters distinctive, proportionate and kinetically gifted. The colors of Ron Riley give the book extra visual kick.

The Dynamo 5 is a quintet half-brothers and half-sisters. They are the illegitimate progeny of the philandering Captain Dynamo. The Captain’s death allowed the villains to run rampant, until his widowed wife Maddie used her resources as an ex-secret agent, to gather the kids together and forge a vanguard for the city.

A Lizard-like villain named Whiptail shows up to trash the city. The Dynamo 5 are on the case with Scrap--she of super-strength--taking the lead. Asrar choreographs a gorgeous display of her might as she batters the beast--this will be topped exponentially in round two toward the end of the book.

Whiptail escapes the kids, and Maddie naturally chews out the group, who complain of being battle fatigued. Maddie acquiesces. Rest and relaxation doesn’t necessarily lead to padding but it too often can. Fareber doesn’t succumb to temptation. Instead, he introduces two new characters to the cast, one that has ties to Maddie.

The second issue of Dynamo 5 is more exemplary of the kind of stories that we can expect from Jay Faerber and Mahmud Asrar. As such it’s pretty good.

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