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X-Isle #5

Posted: Monday, May 7, 2007
By: Martijn Form

Writers: Andrew Cosby & Michael A. Nelson
Artists: Greg Scott, Sunder Raj (colors)

Publisher: Boom Studios

Plot: A group of people are stranded on a mysterious island and killed one by one.

Comments: Should I mention the TV show Lost in this review?

Well, I guess I already did.

Lost has been going on and on and on (zzzzzzzz). More characters. More characters without any real direction. I hope Brain K. Vaughan can turn things around. Donít get me wrong, I love Lost and will stick by it until the end.

Well, X-Isle feels to me like a prequel to Lost. You got your island, the mystery and people dying. X-Isle is not breaking any boundaries story or art wise. Itís suspense that borrows from the í50 and í60 Sci-fi movies, which I happen to like.

And although it doesn't have very good art, these five issues have been enjoyable. Itís got a nice B-movie quality to it. Not very original. There is no demonstration of the limitless possibilities of sequential art. It's just straight forward fun.

In the beginning I disliked the art very much, but after reading issue #5, it grew on me. The references that the artist used are a bit too obvious, but the darkness and the grimness is a strong point. The ink lines are thick and rough, which works really well with the provided colors.

Greg Scott uses more and more wide panels which brings a cinematic feel, like those old Technicolor movies.

The design of the island, the alien ship and the characters are well detailed, which helps this story create more mystery. Scott spent a great deal on the interior design of the space ship, especially the alien symbols. All the details ended up being important because you believe that these species really exist somewhere.

The series displays some production flaws, which Boom studios should have corrected. Colors that donít fill a whole object leave distracting whites. There are panels that seem to be slightly out of focus, like the scanning process wasnít all that good. The panel borders almost indicate there wasnít enough resolution for a professional scan. On the other hand, the covers are really nice, especially the first issue one, which I want as a poster.

Every issue can hold its own ground, but this will make an excellent trade.

If you are into pulpy Sci-fi, this is your thing.

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