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Secret #4 (of 4)

Posted: Monday, May 14, 2007
By: Martijn Form

Writer: Mike Richardson
Artist: Jason Shawn Alexander

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

I wish when I read this book wearing diapers, because I almost had an accident.

This will be a movie someday. No question about it. But before Hollywood messes up this story, do yourself a favour and buy these four issues. Or if you are lazy buy the trade paperback when it's released.

Jason Shawn Alexander is one of my favourite new artists. The man has got soul, and he pours it right into his art. His watercolors donít need any digital touch up. His mixture of colors make this an very eerie read. The black inks creep up your spine. It makes you sweaty and restless, while the climax grows with every page.

I havenít had so much fun reading horror in awhile. Tommyís discovery in the cellar makes Hostel seem like a kid's movie. Can sequential art be anymore violent and dark than this? You show me. Although the art is sinister, Alexander makes these characters come to life (or death).

This guy in the raincoat always wearing a hood, can easily be the new Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers. He is twisted, dark and you have no clue who this monster of a man is. Mike Richardson plotted this series very well with an outstanding climax of a story that leaves you gasping for air.

I canít find anything negative to say about this mini series. I have to hype this; there is no other way.

Well, maybe I can write one criticism: the series was too short! And since Dark Horse Comics mostly released on schedule, this series was over in four months.

If Dark Horse collects this series into a nice trade full of extraís, I will buy it a second time.

I'll conclude with this; as soon as you can, schedule a party at your home. At the right time, dim the lights, present The Secret and creep out all your guests! Then go to the bathroom and call one of your guests and whisper:

"I know your Secret!"

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