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SubCulture #1

Posted: Monday, May 21, 2007
By: Martijn Form

Writer: Kevin Freeman
Artists: Stan Yan

Publisher: Ape Entertainment

Plot: Do Fanboys have hygiene issues?

Comments: What are the magic words for today?

Comic geek.


And hygiene issues.

Well, well, I think Ape Entertainment is moving rapidly up my favourite list of independent publishers.

I had the honour of reading all three issues of Bizarre New World, which will hit the stores real soon, and I have to say that it was an excellent read, with some memorable sequential art.

With SubCulture the guys at Ape Entertainment make another strong statement. This book is all about a guy who can be considered a comic geek, a funny stereotype that seems confirmed at any comic book convention.

Jason dreams of being a superhero and the goodies that comes with the job. No, not just beating up bad guys, but mainly the good looking girls who love a muscular man. When his wet dream ends, we see that he is a skinny guy with glasses. People can dream, right?

Besides working at an assembly line, there is nothing worse than working in retail. I know! I worked for several years in a music store. In the end it was either suicide or following my dream. Well, I choose the latter. (Suicide doesnít seem painless to me, damn song!)

I myself am, of course, a big comic book fan (duhÖ). Every week I pick up new comics and talk to the store staff about what is cool and what can be skipped. After I rush home, I make a pile of which comic books to read first, and I always save the best for last. But Iím not the stereotype. For instance, I got a good looking girlfriend or at least descent enough to walk around with at daytime. I shave, take showers and use deodorant. By the way I think it would be a good thing if comic stores start selling deodorant and toothpaste for a lot of customers. And as a Greenpeace supporter, I have changed several fanboys' lives by recommending they wash their clothes and using deodorant and gurgling with Chloride.

SubCulture is pretty funny with very strong dialogue. Kevin Freeman knows his comic geeks and fanboys hanging around at comic stores. And I think that everybody has a boss from hell, and doesnít dare speak up to him or her. One day a beautiful girl steps into his comicstore, and itís like a bomb just went of.

These guys only see girls on the internet, so they look at her like she really is from Venus. I could easily fill this review with an overwhelming amount of funny dialogue, but you have to read it for yourself.

The art is just right for the story. Sometimes you feel there is too much dialogue going on, but the placement of the word balloons couldnít be done any better. Itís a breeze to read with nice lettering, something that isnít always the case with independent comic books.

So do yourself a favour and buy Subculture and laugh at yourself.

Tomorrow Iím going on a bolt quest and re-reading this without shaving, a shower or deodorant. Wish me luck!

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