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Spirit #6

Posted: Saturday, May 26, 2007
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Artist: Darwyne Cooke, J. Bone(i), Dave Stewart(c)
Publisher: DC

Wow. That was...nothing.

This inconsequential issue of the Spirit tells the story of a classical pianist who after being groomed to be a child star rebels against his mother. The mother dies a natural death, and the pianist grows to become a punk rocker.

While putting together a band, our punk rocker becomes fixated on a meteorite covered in a blue glowing substance. You may ask what on earth is a meteorite doing in a Spirit story. The outré element clearly identifies this as the wacky DCU, though which earth is debatable. Perhaps its a chunk of blue kryptonite.

The rocker touches the meteorite and literally turns blue. He convinces his band to follow suit and as well paint themselves in the gunk from the meteorite, which I suppose he managed to secret on his person somehow.

A seamy non-blue promoter enters the picture. The promoter just happens to be the half-brother of Mortez, the chap the Spirit is looking for. Oh, so that's how the Spirit gets involved.

Surprisingly devoid of the title character, the story itself is rather perfunctory. None of the stock characters court reader involvement, and the tale isn't related in an interesting way. The blue meteorite angle could have been dropped, without changing the story an iota, and the end result would have been a cliché rock and roll short filled with listless dialogue that wasn't worth reading.

The artwork lacks the daring of previous issues, and even the way in which Cooke reveals the Spirit logo lacks imagination.

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