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Omega Flight #3

Posted: Tuesday, June 5, 2007
By: Shawn Hill

"Alpha to Omega (part 3 of 5)"

Writer: Michael Avon Oeming
Artist: Scott Kolins

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Plot: Oeming sets the gods and demons to epic battle. He writes that sort of thing as well as he draws it, but this time he has Scott Kolins on hand to bring the mayhem.

Comments: This third issue of the new Omega Flight sets seething tensions in several directions. It’s one long tense struggle, with the only (black) comic relief coming from the gruesomely destructive (but well-named) Wrecking Crew.

Kolins is on fire as the orchestrator of this chaos. He’s come up with powerful interpretations of familiar faces: Talisman has taken on the mantle of her fallen father Shaman, Michael/Collective/Guardian is a chillingly deadpan victim/victimizer in high-tech restraints, and the “horse-faced” Beta Ray Bill has the epic grandeur of a hero worthy of Mjolnir. There is also impressively strange and disturbing imagery of the fiery kingdom where much of the action takes place.

Oeming seems to have returned the intellect Thunderball lost in an Avengers appearance a few years back, as he banters about Nietzsche while goading the Crew towards an orgy of destruction. Bill does what’s right given the stakes, but just like Sasquatch in the previous issue, he doesn’t last long enough against the fully empowered thugs. If nothing else, Oeming is making a good case for the Wrecking Crew as Thor-level combatants, which is a bit more intense than the whipping boys they’ve been in several recent appearances.

He’s also done a good job with the detritus of various of Marvel Big Event crossovers that have all led to the membership of this new title: House of M, the Collective, and Civil War all have roles to play in this odd configuration of teammates. Elizabeth Twoyoungmen (who lost her father to the Collective, and thus indirectly and illogically to the Scarlet Witch and her “no more mutants” spell) is angry about all of it. Surely putting Michael the Deadly Mutant Mailman in an old Guardian costume isn’t going to smooth things over?

The title is still moving a bit slow for a series that has only two issues left to finish. We know who all the players are now, but they still haven’t even decided to fight together to end the menace, which seems to be something to do with Elder Gods and a rather nasty impending apocalypse of some vague sort.

This tale is exciting and nice to look at. It’s brutal and action-packed. It also doesn’t make much sense. Let’s hope it will before it’s over.

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