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Justice League Unlimited #34

Posted: Saturday, June 9, 2007
By: Ray Tate


Writer: James Peaty
Artists: Gordon Purcell (p), Bob Petrecca (i), Heroic Age (colors)

Publisher: DC Comics

Guest-Writer James Peaty sends Superman to the Phantom Zone to stop the dimension from bleeding into reality. Feeling guilt, Superman takes on this task alone, but Batman has an ace up his sleeve and plans to bring the Justice League to his rescue.

Damn, but this issue of Justice League Unlimited was fun. Superman is overcome by the forces of Zod, but Peaty also uses the scene to foreshadow Batman's trump card. Peaty characterizes the Leaguers and uses their abilities perfectly. Furthermore, he rightfully deduces that Zod's, Jax-Ur's and Ursula's unmitigated egos would naturally set them up for a fall.

Gordon Purcell morphs his photorealistic style into a superb mimicry of the Bruce Timm look while keeping the Leaguers in characteristic action.

Batman pulls a fast one on Superman. Superman acts ever responsibly. The League take care of each other. The heroes beat the villains through guile. It's everything I want in comic book.

Role Call

The Martian Manhunter
Green Lantern
Booter Gold
Blue Beetle

Power Girl
Dr. Fate
Elongated Man
Atom Smasher
Green Arrow
Wonder Woman
Red Tornado
The Ray

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