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Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #25

Posted: Saturday, June 16, 2007
By: Ray Tate

“What if...?”

Writer: Fred Van Lente; lyrics Crystal Skillman
Artists: Corey Hamscher, Lee Louridge(c)
Publisher: Marvel

Reed constructs an alternity viewer. Johnny sees this as an opportunity to make better predictions in his fantasy baseball game against Wingfoot Wyatt. Needless to say, when Johnny fiddles with machinery, you can always expect trouble.

Fred Van Lente takes Johnny on a tour of what might have been in the latest issue of Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four. The episodes are surprisingly meaty and well structured to provide a strong basis for the jokes.

Instead of making merely the premise the gag, Van Lente takes the time to relay jokes within each reality. For instance, it's not the mere fact that one gender has become dominant in a reality. That only serves as the backdrop for what happens next.

The Watcher opens the book and plays a part in the story behind the scenes. He also provides an unusual punchline that makes a lot of sense after one finishes reading.

Artist Cory Hamscher gives the characters just the right cartoony touch. Sometimes he goes a little too far into anime realms for my taste, but by and large, his work enhances the fun.

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