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Tank Girl #1

Posted: Tuesday, June 19, 2007
By: Martijn Form

Writer: Alan C Martin
Artist: Ashley Wood

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Plot: Eeehmmm, sorry there is no plot!

Comments: I stared for quite some time at the blinking cursor on my 19Ē monitor. I even tried how to count how much it blinked during a minute, because I didnít want to start writing this review.

Why? Well, first of all, I think Ashley Wood is one of the most profound designers/artists out there, not only in the comics field, but also in contemporary art as well. Although I don't have a complete collection of this great artist's works, I have tracked him down to Ghost Rider 2099. What he did with Metal Gear Solid for Sonyís PSP is mind blowing.

Woodís art is always at a top level, but this isnít his best work by far. It is just too straight forward for what he can do. I wouldnít even call this a comic book, but more a collection of comic strips because there isnít that much story or plot for it to be called a comic book.

Alan C. Martin serves us with several short stories, which are meant to be funny and comical. But the jokes feel stock to me, where once this title was hilarious. Martin has nothing new to add to his Tank Girl persona, and Wood cannot save the day. If you donít count the pin up pages, you only get 18 pages of so called punk humour and mayhem. Oh and one page of Tank Girl Haiku... which sucks by the way!

I love the old Tank Girl stories. Hell, I even watched the movie twice when it hit the theatre.

But this? Although from reading his blog, I know Ashley Wood is a passionate and hard working man, this is sloppy work.

*Sigh* I hope the next issue will be a whole lot better.

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